Summer has arrived, the sun is shining, and the evenings are brighter. While the rest are planning their summer getaways, make sure that you plan for summer in your workplace. Warm summer day can be a massive distraction for employees. This article discusses the best ways to make sure your employees maintain their motivation.

Summer is full of employees turning off their computers, cleaning their desks and jetting off to a hot destination, so it’s important that you have a strategy in place to cover your company during days off. Ensure all employees pass a handover document, this must be handed over to a manager or colleague who works closely with them on team projects and so on. The document is vital to make sure that work is still being completed and everything is running smoothly.

Arrange after-work barbeques or drinks on a Friday afternoon or lunch picnics in the sun. Taking some time out to let your employees enjoy the good weather will stop them from being demotivated. They won’t mind being in the office on a good day if you give them a chance to enjoy the sun.

As enjoyable as warm weather is, it can also cause heat stress which is considered a safety hazard. Put a policy in place based on a risk assessment which should include putting heat stress measurements in place and creating a plan to keep the workplace at a bearable temperature, this includes air conditioning and filtered water machines.

If relevant to your industry, give out protective clothing and equipment, including cotton body suits and water-cooled suits. This is particularly relevant to those companies that do manual labour. Keep track of the weather forecasts to ensure your employees are prepared.

With temperatures starting to rise and workers getting into the holiday mood. Now is the time to start implementing a policy to prepare for the summer season. This will help to ensure your employees stay healthy and your company runs smoothly during the season of holidays.