There will always be some employee’s who suffer the Monday Blues, while others see it as a motivation tactic with it being the start of a new week. The problem with the majority suffering the Monday blues is that the anxiety and dread that come with it, usually prevents workers from being productive.

Here’s some tips to make sure your entire team walk into the office on a Monday morning feeling fresh, motivated and ready for the week ahead!

Give your team something to look forward to on a Monday, this could include a work breakfast, team lunch or it could be something as simple as buying them all a coffee from the local Starbucks or Café Nero. If you want to go that extra step, another idea could be to have Monday competitions or challenges, offering a prize as an incentive. You could offer other Monday benefits such as dress casual days for workers or flexible hours offered.

Try not to arrange meetings first thing on a Monday morning and if they must be done, arrange them for the afternoon. Early Monday morning meetings can be a trigger of anxiety for your team, increasing the amount of people taking time off on a Monday.

Have a casual catch up with your employee’s and help them organise a routine for the day ahead. Having a structured routine at the start of the week is more likely to follow through the rest of the week, start the week off right and it will result in a productive week. Having a positive attitude is key!

Be aware that there may be certain employee’s that need a bit of extra support, frequent absences may be due to something more serious than the dreaded feeling of Monday Blues. If you find out this is the case, approach the topic in a supportive and sensitive way.