Constructing the perfect CV can be a time-consuming process but is worth putting in that extra effort. This will help you gain the unique aspect to make employers choose you. There is no quick fix to tailoring your CV to help you land your dream job, but with some hard work you can put yourself ahead of the increasingly competitive job market.

This article explores some tips and tricks on how to achieve this.

Don’t send the same CV and cover letter to every single job application. Take your time and read each job specification carefully, what exactly are they asking for? Tailor yourself to suit each opportunity, for example if the employer is asking for an experienced sales manager, demonstrate how you have hit targets and managed sales cycles in previous jobs.

If you are moving into a new industry, show how you have proven the desired skills and qualities from other areas of your life experience or previous work experience. Keep it short and concise, rather than using overly long paragraphs. Potential employers aren’t going to spend ages analysing every single aspect of a CV, they want to be able to check over it quickly.

A professional and attractive layout will make it easier to skim read rather than having every unnecessary detail squeezed in. Try and make sure your CV is no more than two pages, this can be done by adding the most important and relevant pieces of information.

Always avoid jargon! Adding in too many buzzwords will have the reverse effect with grabbing the employer’s attention. Yes, you must sell yourself in a positive light but ensure you are doing so in an articulate and professional manner.

Double check your spelling, this may seem like a simple one, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who send their CV off packed with spelling mistakes. Use the technology we must help you spot any grammatical errors and fix them.

Use these tips and you will be on the right track to developing a fantastic resume, helping you with your next career move. For any more advice give Reactive Recruitment a phone on 028 9009 9211 or email us over your CV and we will be happy to help!