It’s important to always be on the lookout for strategies that can help your business excel or keeping up to date with emerging trends. Most leaders keep a to-do list to help them keep on top of tasks in their busy lifestyles. When making a list, you must incorporate a quality over quantity style mindset to ensure you are setting yourself realistic but worthwhile goals.

First things first, decide on the method for your work to-do list, some prefer to keep it all on a digital platform, others opt for a personal diary and some keep it in their head. For those digital lovers, remember there are many different platforms designed specifically for these types of lists. Create a short term and long term one, each of these will include different ambitions and goals, for example short term could be checking through all your emails in the morning without getting distracted and long term could be a specific target you are setting yourself.

Your busy schedule can make it easy to get completely side-tracked and focus on the less important tasks. It’s vital that you prioritise the most important tasks, this means at the end of the working day if you don’t have everything complete, at least you have the most important ticked off.

Hold a meeting and encourage all your team to start doing this to keep themselves organised, it will improve their overall productivity. Occasionally check your staff are sticking to this and if not reinforce the importance of maintaining this.

Make your lists specific, this includes putting an estimated time beside each task, write down exactly what you must do and when you plan to finish it. Force yourself to move on if you haven’t finished it as if you stay too long on the one task, you will fall behind. Go back to the unfinished ones when you have completed everything else, this is important for maintaining organised and efficient.

Don’t try and rush through your list, not only will it stress you out, but the work won’t be completed to the highest standard. Make sure to take some time out between each task, grab a coffee or go for a walk to keep your mind productive. Taking breaks also allows leeway incase something else pops up in between, this could be an employee needing to chat or a problem that needs solved with a client.