All recruitment consultants are aware that building relationships results in building business and therefore every interaction with clients is extremely important. This article explores some tips that will help breakdown any assumptions, so that you’re prepared for your next client meeting.

Once your client relationships have been established, they must be managed efficiently to help maintain them. This includes simple yet effective methods, such as having a fast response rate, returning calls and checking in on them. Be friendly while remaining professional when chatting to them, as this will help improve your industry reputation.

Always discuss your company’s terms and conditions with clients from the get-go, this includes payment terms and any contracts that need to be signed. There are some consultants who have had to learn the hard way and dived into a recruitment project without confirmation from clients, with the only result being wasted time as the certain client has opted out of the deal. Make sure to discuss terms up front, get signatures and any confirmation needed before getting started.

Stay ahead of the rest by keeping up with recruitment trends, this will help your level of expertise, enables you to shell out the best advice and helps you be aware of new jobs before your client notices them. Never over promise, ensure everything you guarantee to clients is a realistic aim, this applies in particular to salaries, interviews and different timescales.

Try and give out advice when you can, don’t wait for them to ask how to improve their recruitment strategy, help them with new approaches that will help them get more from their budget. They will appreciate your support and will want to continually return to you when hiring due to your help and guidance.

Once the deal has been and gone, remember to check in on your clients to check how the new candidate is getting on in their new role and ask if they are planning to hire in the near future. A gentle reminder every so often will help establish yourself as a client’s go to when recruiting.