As the leader of a company it is essential you ensure that all your employees are always secure in the workplace. It’s not only your employers you have to look after, you must do the same for any visitors. Health hazards vary in different industries, however it’s essential that you’re aware of the regulations for your own industry.

React Fast to Workplace Violence

This can be either physical or emotional, the physical aspect includes pushing, punching or sometimes involves one person attacking the other. Whereas emotional hits on the verbal side, this can be swearing or shouting. Allow employees to be able to speak to you quickly if a problem arises and never name-drop the employee who confided in you, keep everything anonymous.

Provide Training on The Subject

Keep your team up to date with regular training sessions focused on health, safety and security procedures. If a situation arises involving violence, make sure the victim is never left alone in the office and provide them with victim counselling. Ensure the training provided informs staff what to do if they are a witness to an attack and encourage them to support any victims in your workplace.

Installing security measures will help lessen the possibility of any violence occurring, this includes hiring security guards and security cameras. The cameras must be in most parts of the office as well as any remote pathways or areas surrounding the office.

Have a policy

You must always keep a record of all assessment results and a health and safety policy. As an employer you must ensure safe working practices are set up and that all materials are safely stored. Start this by checking your office environment for any potential dangers and ensure all electrics are working smoothly.

Reinforce your zero tolerance for violence in the workplace on a regular basis, this can be done through meetings or one-to-one chats with any employees who seem to be acting up. Listening to employees during meetings or when they come to speak with you will help you stay aware of any hazards. Not only this, but your team will feel appreciated, which will increase the overall motivation.

Creating a safe office environment is important for the success of your company. Your team will be content in work, this leads to higher productivity which produces a high quality of work.

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