A worker leaving can have a ripple effect on the rest of your workforce, as when one leaves this can put a lot of strain and stress on the rest as they must take on the extra workload left behind. The extra work can steer them on the lookout for new jobs. Here are some ways to prevent this from happening and keeping a loyal, motivated workforce:

It’s simple, poor management leads to unhappy employees. Any team members who are assigned as a project manager must be prepared to lead the rest of the team, they must have a positive attitude that will influence other workers and be ready to help all employees find fast solutions to any problems.

Ensure team leaders have the skills needed by organising specific training days and answering any questions yourself that they may have along the way. Getting anonymous feedback from employees will give you a proper insight into how the team are getting along with their manager. Sorting out personality clashes between staff and managers is a vital part in stopping staff eyeing up other companies.

Loyal staff will ignore any messages that may slide into their LinkedIn DMs, however if the pound signs come flashing, then even the most motivated employee may check out the company. In order to stop employee’s leaving for a higher paid job then you must be offering them pay rises along with other incentives. Stay on the same page when it comes to pay, and your team will stick around.

Arrange weekly team building activities to keep your employees engaged, listen to all ideas, complaints or suggestions and keep communication high through daily meetings. This type of attitude will help staff feel appreciated and keep them working in your company.

A high turnover rate affects many companies in a lot of different industries, but with the right understanding you can prevent your company from falling victim to this issue. Keeping your team content and productive will lead to a loyal workforce and a successful company.