Most workplaces believe that one of the main reasons for a company’s decline is due to lack of staff engagement and this is true. With reports from a Gallup poll revealing that employees completely engaged in the workplace are 21% more productive than those who are distracted and unmotivated. It’s time that companies start paying more attention to enhancing workplace engagement with a survey from officevibe showing that only 13% of employees are engaged around the globe. These shocking statistics show that there needs to be more focus on this globally and not just in the UK.

More businesses need to be adopting more modern approaches for employee engagement, here’s some tips on how to start.

Implement an engagement statement in your company policy. This statement should include exactly what your team do, your aims and objectives and what targets each team member should be working towards. This should be measured on a monthly basis, this can be done through an anonymous employee feedback form or you can check which of your staff are achieving their targets and which aren’t. Reward those that are doing well through a lunch club or bonus and have a one-to-one meeting with those that aren’t and discuss why this is.

The working attitude of employees is an influential factor for engagement levels, you can usually asses this through behavioural patterns. Look out for behaviour such as willing to participate, passion, creative idea cultivation, curiosity and feedback.

Set yourself targets and assess your own engagement levels, it’s important that your staff see you doing this as it will have a domino effect throughout your company hierarchy. Employees will get positive endorphins when they are praised for good work or hitting their targets, as will you. Happy workers equal a happy company, and they working environment will have an instrumental impact on increasing engagement and productivity.

This approach encourages each team member identify their role within the company and work towards making their performance high. Reinforce this daily as it needs to be a consistent message. More engagement will always lead to more success in your company.