In the World of Recruitment, prejudices regarding the industry often can cause a candidate to refuse to work with Recruitment Agencies for the rest of their working careers. As a result of this, our Team Leader Jack Kelly has come up with a list of the FIVE misconceptions candidates often have before working with Reactive Recruitment.

“Recruitment agencies are too expensive; they take a percentage of my wage”

This is a very common and understandable misconception about recruitment companies.

Our costs are covered by the side of the business: they retain us to find solutions to THEIR employment problems.

Therefore, our service is 100% COST FREE to you,  the job seeker.

“You will send my CV out everywhere”

Setting aside the ethical problem that would arise if we were to do this, General Data Protection Regulations ensure we are legally bound to secure your permission before we share your information with anyone else.

Essentially, YOU are fully in control with Reactive Recruitment.

“You’ll just submit my CV and hope for the best”

We offer one of the most holistic approaches when working to find you a new job.

We can:

  • Consult you with the best fit for your career
  • Offer a free-of-charge CV workshop, interview advice, and preparation
  • Negotiate your salary and
  • Be completely honest and transparent throughout the recruitment process, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. This is arguably the MOST underrated part of our service.

“Recruitment agencies don’t have any more jobs than what I can see on job boards”

We have been working with some of our clients since our business’s doors have opened, which means we have developed incredible relationships with them, who are happy for us to exclusively recruit for most, if not ALL, of their live positions.

This means that there are some positions which can only be applied for through Reactive Recruitment.

“You don’t care.”

This could not be further from the truth.

We work with people during some of the most important moments in their life. They may have just been made redundant or let go from their job with a family to support, or maybe we are helping them find their ‘Dream Job’.

Do you really think that we would be able to operate without genuine empathy?

This is a skill that we consistently develop within our team due to its unwavering critical nature to our business.

I have listened to candidates break down over the phone when they are offered the job, if they, unfortunately, haven’t been offered the job, and I have also seen other consultants break down on behalf of their candidate when they miss out on their dream job.

Caring has always been part and parcel of being a good recruitment consultant.

Here at Reactive Recruitment, we are actively working to disprove your worries and fears when coming to us for help in your employment journey.

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