As the leader of your company you must ensure all visitors feel secure in your workplace, this includes employees, suppliers and clients. Some industries have more potential dangers than others but it’s vital that you’re aware of the regulations that apply to your workplace. Here are some ways you can keep on top of this important aspect of business management.

Install Security

First things first, check all security and safety measurements in the workplace and keep these checks a regular occurrence. If you haven’t already, install security cameras around the office and surrounding areas.

Provide Training

Once all security aspects are put in place, create a company policy focused on health and safety. As an employer you must ensure working surfaces are safe, all materials are stored correctly and that first aid facilities are always available. It’s a good idea to organise some training specifically focused on how employees can help prevent dangers occurring.

Hold a meeting with all workers and go through the health and safety policy with them. Reinforce the importance of their overall awareness and take the time to listen and answer questions they may have.

Respond Fast to Violence

If there are employees who you are worried may pose a potential risk of workplace violence, don’t wait to see if you’re right, act on this immediately. Start by carrying out a background check and ask managers to keep an eye on them. Train staff on what to do if violence does occur. If a fight does break out, ensure the victim is not left alone after the incident at any time and provide counselling to those involved, including victims and witnesses.

Send out Monthly Emails

Send out a monthly email out reminding employee of your open-door policy. This will help them feel they can approach you anonymously. Some employees may approach you with issues or arising problems that you weren’t aware of.

This should be top priority in your to-do list as it’s really is a win-win situation for both you and employees. Your staff will feel comfortable in the office and will appreciate your support, therefore increasing their working productivity.