An employee leaving can shake up any company massively, it can leave team members to look after the mess left behind or pause projects while searching for a new suitable recruit. Here are some tips on making sure you have a plan in place to help you make sure your company stays running smoothly throughout any employee’s resignation.

Incorporate a leaving process into your company policy which all staff must stick to throughout their resignation process, this should include the notice period that is expected. Highlight this policy to employee’s during meetings and to any new staff members.

If a worker leaves in their notice, you must hold a meeting with that employee and others who work closely with them on projects. Discuss their current work projects and who the work will be delegated out to once they leave. Ensure the employee leaving completes a handover document detailing exactly what responsibilities they have, all information about their current projects and contacts for clients they have been working with. This is important so that the team aren’t left confused once their colleague resigns.

Team members leave for different reasons, it could be because they want a higher role, a salary increase or a shorter commute. If you have noticed the employee having requested these job aspects in the past, it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that they are leaving. However, be wary that this won’t have a ripple effect on other team members, so it could be a good idea to change things up when a resignation occurs. For example, if an employee leaves because of long commutes, try and implement a working from home policy where workers can work from home one day a week.

When they leave always keep it professional and congratulate the employee on their new chapter, hold leaving drinks or some type of event for them to show them you appreciate their hard work. Always leave things on a good note, this will be noticed by current employee’s, appreciated by the employee leaving who will only have positive things to say about your workplace and how you are as a leader.

Even if the employee leaves under negative circumstances, maintain a positive atmosphere in your office. This is vital to ensure your current team will be content to stay with your company and their productive levels will remain high.